BFT insigate a safe space to play, develop and discover. We unravel and forum current issues and desires, moving forward to rehearse the theatre, OUR Theatre. We reflect, build on and bring about postive development. This THEATRE can then also be a tangible 'product', if appropriate it can be platformed and shared to wider audiences.                                                                                                 It then becomes a REAL - POWERFUL - RESPONSIVE form of THEATRE - OUR THEATRE - THE THEATRE OF US.         


Current & ongoing projects...


  • CREATING CHANGE: Uses drama to encourage women on probation to explore relationships, thoughts and feelings in an engaging and interactive way.  https://www.hampshireculture.org.uk/social-impact/creating-change
  • HMP/YOI WINCHESTER: 'Prison Theatre' Project, The Pilot and beyond.  Research report produced through the Department of Applied Criminology and Forensic Studies at University of Winchester. https://www.evernote.com/l/AmoHyRlSHntJgKHIbTLv_B1Zas9aXtRH28I
  • HMP SEND: programme working the PIPE unit on tailor made programmes that bring self confidence, dialogue and team work 
  • STAFF CONSTULTANCY: Working with the CRC to explore support and creative practice with staff directly working with women in the CJS.

Previous projects


  • BREAK4CHANGE HAMPSHIRE: Families experiencing abuse and violence from their young people - Run by Hampshire Youth Offending Team




  • HORIZON 20:20: Arts programme working with at risk young people in a pupil referral unit (PRU) 



Some of our current partners and commissioners


Our use of devised theatre and process heavy frameworks aim to offer and create a space for freedom of expression through the arts. BearFace Theatre CIC develop work with vulnerable and marginalised people from a wide range of communities, designing, developing and delivering creative drama based workshops, regular sessions, group work and performance based projects. BearFace work with and for the community collaborating with a variety of external agencies throughout Hampshire and surrounding counties such as Hampshire Cultural Trust (HCT), University of Winchester (UofW), Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC), Young Offenders Team (YOT), Children Adolescence Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Pupil referral units (PRUs) and the NHS. 


Our work with young people at risk of offending, young offenders and people on probation aims to ask questions and stimulate debate. We believe in working co-operatively in a group environment and challenging self-centred thinking. Through drama based activities, participants are invited to reflect upon the impact of their offending behaviour on themselves and for those around them.



BearFace Theatre uses Theatre as a Powerful tool for transformation and postive progression 



BearFace work with the community’s interests at the heart of all their work. With a strong ethics behind their methodologies they strive to empower the communities they work with and for. Using creative arts to lift marginalised and unheard voices, sharing message through high quality performance, storytelling and through theatre in education programmes





To use the creative arts as a catalyst for positive progression and self-awareness, whilst bringing about an open sense of play, creativity and memorable experiences. To develop genuine theatre where the needs of the community are at heart of the work.





BearFace explore the use of theatre as a tool for effective conflict resolution and transformation. As a community interest company BearFace aim to increase empowerment in the community and believe that drama and theatre can have an insightful and meaningful impact on individual lives. By applying theatre to therapeutic processes, such as CBT, BearFace Theatre CIC believe that people can experience profound positive change in their attitudes towards themselves, others and therefore the society in which they live.




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