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Jennifer Walmsley - BA Hons, MA - Applied Theatre

Co-artistic Director 


If you want something done do it yourself, if you want it to be sustainable, collaborate. I get very excited about connecting with people, linking in and developing our support networks, joining the dots and creating progression pathways for the work and most importantly for the individuals we work with. I feel like we’re on a continuous quest for connection and belonging in all of the ways and I feel compelled to pursue justice, fairness, opportunity and community and this work is a call to action. I would refer to myself as an activist (amongst other things!) not just to drive forward the recognition of the value of the arts but first and foremost for the individuals and communities we work with. I advocate for community collaboration, consultation and open communication. My hope is that the work invites fresh thinking and presents new perspectives. I believe strongly that the arts have a vital part to play in supporting a more inclusive, reflective and joyful human experience.


Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. Growing this community interest company together with Kate and Craig has been and still is one of the best journeys I’ve encountered so far. Rooted in the same pot, from the same school of thought but fanning out in wonderfully different but complimentary ways. Always coming back to the question who is this for? and where is the joy? We stand in our truth and continue to explore our way through the world.


Also very into dancing to anything that has a pretty hefty bassline – jungle, garage and 90/00’s D&B will do but I have an eclectic musical taste! Very grateful for my family and chums, especially my little boy and stripy cat - I learn and grow and dance as much as I can. 



Kate Hadley - BA Hons, MA - Applied Theatre

Co-Artistic Director


The Philosophy of Growth is at the heart of my practice. Play, joy and permission to exercise authentic self, in whatever form that may be are the aims of all the work I venture into. I am addicted to the rollercoaster of co-creating work and all the textures in brings to a working group and for all of our personal development. I very much advocate for this methodology to be present in more areas of our learning and development. Physical theatre, humour, voice work and cinematic imagery flows through the work I am involved in and I am lost without collaboration. Enjoying pieceing all the ideas together, I take pride in threading work together and the viewers ability to hear the voices from all involved, even those not present in the room. Handheld digital wizardy is firmly on my tool belt and something I Iove exploring. I am known to enjoy hours in an editing room!

I have always enjoyed working in what would seem from the outside pressured/ challenging environments co-creating high-quality work with all ages and backgrounds. I am particularly interested in how performance events can be (and are), more widely understood as platforms for social disucssion, pluralism and democratic thinking.


I am the co-founder and project manager of Spinney Hollow, a 10 acre semi-ancient woodland project, specialising in curating interactive and creative rural craft areas for families at festivals. We are also developing a steam powered woodland theatre with an aim to provide opportunities for emerging theatre companies and new audiences to gather.


When I'm not doing the above you can find me singing / improvising with PollyGone Wrong vocal trio, on a boat or potentially up a tree with my small people.


Influencers / mentors

Chantelle Mouffe, Debroah Frances- White, Sabra Williams, Shera and all the pricesses of power, Benson from Kipo, The Spinney Hollow collective & BFT HQ of course.




Charlotte Slinger - Development Manager  


Charlotte has over ten years experience running cultural programmes in Hampshire that have a positive social impact. She is a professional and passionate project coordinator, fundraiser and networker, having worked for Hampshire County Council’s Arts team and then Hampshire Cultural Trust’s social impact team. She has built significant and effective cross-sector partnerships, including with those in the criminal justice, health & wellbeing and youth sectors. Charlotte has been involved in supporting and growing the work of BFT for years and particularly collaborated on the partnership with HIOW CRC, enabling the work with women on probation, including our Creating Change programme. 


Charlotte works with BFT one day per week and is also a freelance arts consultant specialising in work with participation and partnerships at the heart. She is our behind-the-scenes strategic, fundraising, ever-positive champion of BearFace. 







Alexandra Russell 

Independent Academic Researcher 


Alexandra Russell has significant experience of working within the secure estate, and open settings. She has spent almost twenty years developing her praxis, building on the relational qualities of Applied Theatre, Applied Criminology and Sociology. She is dedicated to the pursuit of social justice and the development of marginalised and disadvantaged communities. 


Alexandra is a Trustee for the National Association of Youth Justice (NAYJ), an independent lobbying organization working to inform policy and improve the rights of children in trouble with law. She was an Associate Lecturer at the University of Winchester for three years (2016 – 2019), working across Faculty of the Arts and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Alex is currently Lead Researcher (commissioned by Hampshire Cultural Trust) for an ongoing programme (2018 – present), designed and delivered by BearFace Theatre CIC at HMP Winchester. She has also published a new impact study on Creating Change, a programme delivered by BearFace Theatre CIC across five Women’s Centres for Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Rehabilitation Company.



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